Random ramblings on the election

I'm normally not one to write on politics as I prefer to keep out of it.  However, after reading what some people have written and others have said I felt the need to share my thoughts.  These are simply my thoughts so take them or leave them for what they're worth.

Time for deep thought and one can hope deep words about the election results. I’m still shocked and numb by the outcome. What I have to say may upset some, may cheer others on, and may even have no effect what so ever. No matter what I hope we can be adults about this. Any comments trying to invalidate a person’s feelings or general meanness in general will be deleted. Please try to be adult about it unless you want to trigger my INFJ rage. It won’t be pretty.

I’m functioning on only a few hours of sleep, a rather nasty headache, and lots of caffeine. Now many people are probably wondering why this is. After Trump’s win I had a FB friend write me begging me for my number to talk to me in case they got scared. I gave them my number and this person was too upset to call me so we texted back and forth. I dozed off when they did and texted back when they sent me messages.

Being an INFJ or my personality type in general I hate feeling helpless and I felt helpless. No matter what I said or did I couldn’t do anything to bring comfort to this person. All I could do was listen, offer to be there, and try to offer as much support as possible. Those that know me know that I don’t turn away unless it is only in the matter of self preservation. Have people used this to their advantage? Absolutely. This time, however, was not a time of someone trying to take advantage but someone who was genuinely fearful over what could happen to them due to their sexuality and how they identify.

Will it happen? It could happen and that breaks my heart. Could it happen? Possibly. I would strongly urge anyone who is frightened to learn how to take self defense classes. I do not encourage this to promote violence but for ways of protecting yourself from those who might want to harm you.
All I was capable of doing was telling my friends who were scared was “I’ll stand with you”. I don’t want anyone to be hurt or scared. I truly don’t. I’d rather we all help and support one another. I still believe that humans are good at heart and do not want to harm anyone else.

As many know I’ve been on the #nevertrump bandwagon for quite a long time. Even when it came down to the election I still voted against Trump and refused to even consider the possibility of voting for him. For as many jokes of voting for Cthulhu I have made I did vote for a living, breathing, human being. If it were possible to have voted for Cthulhu or Giant Meteor I would have done so. I didn’t like any of them! I chose to vote for the lesser of the evils and I won’t say who it was as at this point it’s pretty much irrelevant.

I do genuinely fear that we are in World War Three. If we are not in World War Three then I worry that it could happen. You know of all those political cartoons of Trump slamming the “Nuke!” button because someone said something he didn’t like. God forbid it comes to that but if it does it won’t be a once and done sort of thing. It will be a nightmare and the living will envy the dead.

I fear for our children and their children. I fear that one day they will curse our names for electing Trump and Pence. I fear for the future of this country that I call home. I fear for my friends and those who live in other countries. I know they are also terrified about what will happen. I’ve been asked “How could this happen?” All I could say was “I don’t know. I didn’t vote for him.”

Is what happened, our deeds, our feelings, everything we’ve done written in stone or in water? How will this effect our country let alone the world?

Dear friends, those there are many of you that I have never met, may never have the opportunity to meet, see, hug, or even chat on the phone with there’s something I want you all to know.

I love all of you.

If you need help or are scared this artist will stand with you and be with you.

I will do many deeds in the future. Many deeds written in water but I want this one deed to be written in stone. Let me have my name and this simple declaration be in stone.

My heart is with all of you.


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