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Random ramblings on the election

I'm normally not one to write on politics as I prefer to keep out of it.  However, after reading what some people have written and others have said I felt the need to share my thoughts.  These are simply my thoughts so take them or leave them for what they're worth.

Time for deep thought and one can hope deep words about the election results. I’m still shocked and numb by the outcome. What I have to say may upset some, may cheer others on, and may even have no effect what so ever. No matter what I hope we can be adults about this. Any comments trying to invalidate a person’s feelings or general meanness in general will be deleted. Please try to be adult about it unless you want to trigger my INFJ rage. It won’t be pretty.

I’m functioning on only a few hours of sleep, a rather nasty headache, and lots of caffeine. Now many people are probably wondering why this is. After Trump’s win I had a FB friend write me begging me for my number to talk to me in case they got scared. I gave …