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This one entry will have a mention of blood and general yuckiness.  If that makes you uncomfortable you may want to skip reading this entry.

When at my sewing machine I like to be barefoot.  I don’t like using the foot pedal while wearing shoes.  I honestly prefer knee pedal but they don’t make those anymore.

I had my sewing scissors near me and Herman, being the cat that he is, jumped up on the table.  I backed up in the chair, picked him up, and he kicked which knocked my scissors over.  They landed in just the right away on my toe which cut it open.

The wound is just over a quarter of an inch long but it cut in pretty deeply and at an angle.  It also bled like mad so I’m literally cutting myself out of the band aids that I use.  Today the toe is purple and yucky looking from all the bruising.

It doesn’t really hurt unless I move my toes but still not fun.  I try to leave it exposed so it can “breathe” during the day and put a band aid on at night to protect it.  I also have…

Cat photography!

I took two cat photos today.
"Cat's Eyes."
"The Bird Watcher"

Prints and more are available here:


I crafted using fabric that I found around the house.  I forgot that I had that ivory brocade fabric.  It frayed constantly so I’m not sorry that I finally got it finished.  I really like how it looks now that it’s done but it was a pain to sew.

You can get your own child’s version here.

I still want to make a doll’s version sometime soon.
I finally(!) completed this one doll dress last night.  It’s made from a metallic fabric that shines with each movement.  It looks pretty but really was a pain to sew as it liked to fray.
I couldn’t decide if I wanted Cecile or Addy to model it so I flipped a coin.  Gotta love those time honored traditions of coin flipping!  ;)

The top is lined in white cotton so the fabric can’t rub off on the doll’s cloth body or vinyl.

It’s one of a kind and available on Etsy here.
Nurse Sybil Crawley is here to help!
You can get her here.
I created stuff!  Mostly photography this time but I am in the works of doing sewing stuff.

Prints and more are available in my RedBubble and Society6 shops!