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Happy Hallowe'en!
I made Margaret Ann Brady’s green silk dress.  I used satin and bridal lace.  It reads a little too “Samantha” for me but I based it on a real dress from 1911.  I might redo it sometime but it will work nicely for right now.

I do plan on making her blouses and the blue dress that is full of pins.  It’ll make for a fun joke photo but the completed dress will fit correctly.  I don’t want anyone to be sticking themselves with pins or accidently hurting themselves.

The brooch is a Swarovski bead that’s sewn in place.

It’s available in my Etsy shop here.
I’ve made three Kinsale cloaks!  They’re all available in my Etsy shop and one of a kind.

At one point the Kinsale cloak was common in Ireland.  Many mothers would often make such a cloak for their daughters as a wedding gift so these were often treasured.  They were extremely popular in the 1700s.

When the Irish potato famine struck the cloak fell out of fashion and was replaced with shawls that were often associated with Irish immigrants.

The three cloaks are fully lined in satin and are closed with a metal cloak clasp.  They’re fairly loose so they’ll fit 18 inch dolls and can probably fit smaller dolls comfortably.

The hood is adjustable with the ribbon on hood so it can be let down or tied tightly.  I think in the future I’d want to make the hood detachable via clear snaps.
I've been meaning to work on these for a while but I was finally able to get them done.
I made a prototype of a doll sized Kinsale cloak.  Kinsale cloaks were common in Ireland and are sometimes still worn.  Quite often mothers would make a Kinsale cloak as a wedding gift for their daughters.  When the Irish potato famine happened many women switched to wearing shawls but you can still occasionally see them being worn.