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I made this new doll dress.  They are three of a kind and available on Etsy.

The bodice is partially lined and has gold ric rac running across the front and the sleeves for a bit of a glowing look like the candles inside the Jack-O-Lanterns.
I've made two new doll dresses.  The first is a fun Hallowe'en themed one as all the holiday fabric is coming out.

This one is a 1930's style dress.  I think the Jack-O-Lantern and star print is really cute.  It's trimmed with a black ribbon rosette.  They are three of a kind available on Etsy here. I did my best to copy a real Edwardian style gown that dates back to 1910.  It has over six yards of hand pleated trim on the dress alone!  I stopped counting how long I had been working on it once I reached eight hours.  I want to play with the design a little before releasing the pattern for it.  They are two of a kind and available on Etsy here.

More pictures

I took two new photographs today.  Prints and more are available here.

I made two yellow dresses that are for sale in my Etsy shop.  For a while there I was wondering how they'd turn out but they pulled together quite nicely.

Each dress is trimmed with six yards of lace!
It is available here

Until next time:  I haven't seen much in the way of mosquitoes this year.  I think they're all going "Yeah man, Bob once bit someone and then he died man!  Avoid the death house man!"
Due to depression and a case of the “screw it all!”  A friend of mine had attempted suicide but thankfully she's going to be okay.

I’ve been forcing myself to do sewing stuff and photography so I don’t stay down like this.  It’s funny how feeling a certain way can make you very creative.

My photography stuff can be found here on RedBubble.
Etsy is here.