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I had some left over heart fabric so I made two Regency style dresses for Caroline

I also have some extra fabric left over.  This stuff will make for great quilt backing or odds and ends.

Until next time: I've succumbed and have finally set up a Twitter account.  It's mostly for crafting stuff and the occasional humor I find.  You can follow me here
I made Kit a new winter dress!  I got this fabric at JoAnn's Fabrics some time back and finally got around to finishing the dresses!  The little snowmen on it make me think of winter so I've been calling it her "winter dress."  Kit might need herself a coat so she doesn't get cold wearing those short sleeves!
These are three of a kind for sale in my Etsy shop.

Until next time:  do you ever feel like some songs are just speaking to you?  I have and do right now.  I've listened to one song so many times it's amazing I don't hate it.