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A call to help another!

I do have two new doll dresses to share but this is more important.  I will update early next week with the doll dresses.

If anyone has a few minutes could they check this out please? 

The mother is on a forum I frequent and is in need of help to raise money to pay for some serious medical bills.

Even if you are unable to donate just getting the word out will help greatly!

The Crawley's are coming!

I still need to make Sybil Crawley's dress but I have Mary's and Edith's done and up on Etsy.  If anyone asks I suspect Sybil has snuck away with that handsome Tom Branson.

 Mary's dress

Edith's dress I have a sale in my shop for a coupon code for 20% off all items!  Use the coupon code Mozart20 at check out. My poor cat Mozart had an abscess so I had to make an emergency vet trip which cost me $882.93.  I have no regrets about taking him to the vet but the bill was quite large so I need help in being able to cover it.  Any help, promotion, or anything helps! Until next time:  Do you also think cats were sent to Earth to take over the world?

My poor neglected blog

Greeting fellow humanoids,

I know I've been horribly neglectful in keeping up with my blog.  :(  I'm really sorry about that!

Life and everything else has been getting in the way but I promise I'm working on new things!  I should have Sybil's dinner dress from Season 2 of Downton Abbey done soon!  I had a commission for it and will soon be making my own version in blue.  The shades that the actress wears make me look washed out.  Blue will match my eyes and look better on me.

I also made a list of costumes to make!  I hope to be able to do those within this year.