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This one entry will have a mention of blood and general yuckiness.  If that makes you uncomfortable you may want to skip reading this entry.

When at my sewing machine I like to be barefoot.  I don’t like using the foot pedal while wearing shoes.  I honestly prefer knee pedal but they don’t make those anymore.

I had my sewing scissors near me and Herman, being the cat that he is, jumped up on the table.  I backed up in the chair, picked him up, and he kicked which knocked my scissors over.  They landed in just the right away on my toe which cut it open.

The wound is just over a quarter of an inch long but it cut in pretty deeply and at an angle.  It also bled like mad so I’m literally cutting myself out of the band aids that I use.  Today the toe is purple and yucky looking from all the bruising.

It doesn’t really hurt unless I move my toes but still not fun.  I try to leave it exposed so it can “breathe” during the day and put a band aid on at night to protect it.  I also have…

Cat photography!

I took two cat photos today.
"Cat's Eyes."
"The Bird Watcher"

Prints and more are available here:


I crafted using fabric that I found around the house.  I forgot that I had that ivory brocade fabric.  It frayed constantly so I’m not sorry that I finally got it finished.  I really like how it looks now that it’s done but it was a pain to sew.

You can get your own child’s version here.

I still want to make a doll’s version sometime soon.
I finally(!) completed this one doll dress last night.  It’s made from a metallic fabric that shines with each movement.  It looks pretty but really was a pain to sew as it liked to fray.
I couldn’t decide if I wanted Cecile or Addy to model it so I flipped a coin.  Gotta love those time honored traditions of coin flipping!  ;)

The top is lined in white cotton so the fabric can’t rub off on the doll’s cloth body or vinyl.

It’s one of a kind and available on Etsy here.
Nurse Sybil Crawley is here to help!
You can get her here.
I created stuff!  Mostly photography this time but I am in the works of doing sewing stuff.

Prints and more are available in my RedBubble and Society6 shops!

I made Lydia's dress from the book"Changes for Caroline." I put it on Felicity as it matches her eyes. It's one of a kind and available here.
I made a new 1914 style dress for dolls.  I like how the green of the dress goes with the green of Cecile’s eyes.

It’s one of a kind and available on Etsy here.


It started raining around 4 AM and it's just past 9 right now.

I went for a walk and took these photos when going out and about.  If I were to wade out into the street the water would come up to my knees and I'm five feet, eight inches tall!

Our drainage system needs a massive overhaul...but rain.  We desperately need it in CA.

Happy Hallowe'en!
I made Margaret Ann Brady’s green silk dress.  I used satin and bridal lace.  It reads a little too “Samantha” for me but I based it on a real dress from 1911.  I might redo it sometime but it will work nicely for right now.

I do plan on making her blouses and the blue dress that is full of pins.  It’ll make for a fun joke photo but the completed dress will fit correctly.  I don’t want anyone to be sticking themselves with pins or accidently hurting themselves.

The brooch is a Swarovski bead that’s sewn in place.

It’s available in my Etsy shop here.
I’ve made three Kinsale cloaks!  They’re all available in my Etsy shop and one of a kind.

At one point the Kinsale cloak was common in Ireland.  Many mothers would often make such a cloak for their daughters as a wedding gift so these were often treasured.  They were extremely popular in the 1700s.

When the Irish potato famine struck the cloak fell out of fashion and was replaced with shawls that were often associated with Irish immigrants.

The three cloaks are fully lined in satin and are closed with a metal cloak clasp.  They’re fairly loose so they’ll fit 18 inch dolls and can probably fit smaller dolls comfortably.

The hood is adjustable with the ribbon on hood so it can be let down or tied tightly.  I think in the future I’d want to make the hood detachable via clear snaps.
I've been meaning to work on these for a while but I was finally able to get them done.
I made a prototype of a doll sized Kinsale cloak.  Kinsale cloaks were common in Ireland and are sometimes still worn.  Quite often mothers would make a Kinsale cloak as a wedding gift for their daughters.  When the Irish potato famine happened many women switched to wearing shawls but you can still occasionally see them being worn.

I've been asked if my Eowyn funeral dress was made from blue or black velvet. My costume has become a part of the internet meme! Fear meeeeeeeeeeeee!
I made a Gothic style doll dress.  Doing the dress itself wasn't hard but the sewing down of the "buttons" took forever.  I used faux pearl buttons as I had quite a few lying around.

Until next time:  Who's up for a game of "Wake the Dead"?
I made this new doll dress.  They are three of a kind and available on Etsy.

The bodice is partially lined and has gold ric rac running across the front and the sleeves for a bit of a glowing look like the candles inside the Jack-O-Lanterns.
I've made two new doll dresses.  The first is a fun Hallowe'en themed one as all the holiday fabric is coming out.

This one is a 1930's style dress.  I think the Jack-O-Lantern and star print is really cute.  It's trimmed with a black ribbon rosette.  They are three of a kind available on Etsy here. I did my best to copy a real Edwardian style gown that dates back to 1910.  It has over six yards of hand pleated trim on the dress alone!  I stopped counting how long I had been working on it once I reached eight hours.  I want to play with the design a little before releasing the pattern for it.  They are two of a kind and available on Etsy here.

More pictures

I took two new photographs today.  Prints and more are available here.

I made two yellow dresses that are for sale in my Etsy shop.  For a while there I was wondering how they'd turn out but they pulled together quite nicely.

Each dress is trimmed with six yards of lace!
It is available here

Until next time:  I haven't seen much in the way of mosquitoes this year.  I think they're all going "Yeah man, Bob once bit someone and then he died man!  Avoid the death house man!"
Due to depression and a case of the “screw it all!”  A friend of mine had attempted suicide but thankfully she's going to be okay.

I’ve been forcing myself to do sewing stuff and photography so I don’t stay down like this.  It’s funny how feeling a certain way can make you very creative.

My photography stuff can be found here on RedBubble.
Etsy is here.

Patterns to be released!

I've been working on new doll clothes and drafting my own patterns for them.  I'm still working on writing out all the instructions but it is coming along.

Here's a sneak peek on what I'm working on.
Until next time:  that awkward moment when you know a language just well enough to understand the basics of a song but still have to look at the subtitles.  I'm looking at you Irish language!
I made a new yellow doll dress.

I really like a cheerful yellow print.
It's available on Etsy here.

Until next time:  I don't really have anything clever or witty to say.  Lately I've really been seeing the best and worst of people lately so take that extra few minutes to be kind to one another.  Time spent being kind is never wasted.
I had some left over heart fabric so I made two Regency style dresses for Caroline

I also have some extra fabric left over.  This stuff will make for great quilt backing or odds and ends.

Until next time: I've succumbed and have finally set up a Twitter account.  It's mostly for crafting stuff and the occasional humor I find.  You can follow me here
I made Kit a new winter dress!  I got this fabric at JoAnn's Fabrics some time back and finally got around to finishing the dresses!  The little snowmen on it make me think of winter so I've been calling it her "winter dress."  Kit might need herself a coat so she doesn't get cold wearing those short sleeves!
These are three of a kind for sale in my Etsy shop.

Until next time:  do you ever feel like some songs are just speaking to you?  I have and do right now.  I've listened to one song so many times it's amazing I don't hate it.
I finished off two of a kind doll dresses yesterday.  I had bought this cute pink and red heart fabric from JoAnn's fabrics a while back and finally made something out of it.  I think it turned out fairly cute.
You can get it here.

Until next time:  it is roast your butt off hot here!  Anyone want to trade for cooler weather?
Take me now!!

Until next time:  learning the difference is important.  It'll save you a lot of trouble and tears down the road.
I made a Violet Jessop doll from a TLC American Girl Ruthie.  I cleaned her up and re-wigged her.  The dress I made myself.
The little bear I thought was cute so I put him in.  He's Polar from the book and came with it.

The doll dresses are two of a kind and are available in my Etsy shop here.

Until next time:  every year it seems to sneak upon us like a thief in the night and there is no escaping it!  No one can escape it!  It day.

Thoughts on mental health

I'm working on doll clothes but after an incident today with a friend I thought I would take a break and write out something.

I was talking with a friend about mental health and issues.  I won't go into detail about what we talked about.

We got onto the subject of treatment and "recovery."  Treatment for mental health issues are wide and varied.  What may work for one person won't work for another and medications may even need to be adjusted and changed over time.  There's no one size fits all answer when it comes to mental health.

In a way I think we really put negative pressure on ourselves because there is a negative stigma against mental illness.

When we receive treatment it is often presented as a straight and linear line.  We're told Point A is where we are starting at and we cross on over to Point B.  As we walk along this line we sometimes believe recovery and treatment will become easier and easier.

What we're not told is "Point B" …

Three more 1860's doll clothes

I've made some more doll dresses out of vintage materials that both Mom had and were given to me.  A lot of it was too small to make anything for myself out of but just right for doll clothes.

Let the 1860's doll fashions begin!  I tried to base these off of real dresses from the era in my books collection.

I think Addy looks great in blue.  I used faux pearls for the button details.
I've sold one of these dresses to a friend but the other is available here on my Etsy page. Caroline in some vintage print and vintage trim.  I really like how well the colors look with Caroline's coloring and eyes.  The cotton trim was given to me and it works great for doll clothes.  The "buttons" are genuine rose quartz beads. I have three of these available for sale here on my Etsy page. I love how Josefina looks in p…

A call to help another!

I do have two new doll dresses to share but this is more important.  I will update early next week with the doll dresses.

If anyone has a few minutes could they check this out please? 

The mother is on a forum I frequent and is in need of help to raise money to pay for some serious medical bills.

Even if you are unable to donate just getting the word out will help greatly!

The Crawley's are coming!

I still need to make Sybil Crawley's dress but I have Mary's and Edith's done and up on Etsy.  If anyone asks I suspect Sybil has snuck away with that handsome Tom Branson.

 Mary's dress

Edith's dress I have a sale in my shop for a coupon code for 20% off all items!  Use the coupon code Mozart20 at check out. My poor cat Mozart had an abscess so I had to make an emergency vet trip which cost me $882.93.  I have no regrets about taking him to the vet but the bill was quite large so I need help in being able to cover it.  Any help, promotion, or anything helps! Until next time:  Do you also think cats were sent to Earth to take over the world?

My poor neglected blog

Greeting fellow humanoids,

I know I've been horribly neglectful in keeping up with my blog.  :(  I'm really sorry about that!

Life and everything else has been getting in the way but I promise I'm working on new things!  I should have Sybil's dinner dress from Season 2 of Downton Abbey done soon!  I had a commission for it and will soon be making my own version in blue.  The shades that the actress wears make me look washed out.  Blue will match my eyes and look better on me.

I also made a list of costumes to make!  I hope to be able to do those within this year.