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Happy Hallowe'en!
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As tomorrow is Hallowe'en please remember to bring your pets indoors!  Especially if you have a black cat.
On Wednesday I found out a friend of mine had been hit by a car and was hospitalized.  A mutual friend was preparing cards and other gifts to send to her.

It took me about six hours to make this dress from start to finish.  I had taken a TLC Samantha doll, re-wigged her, cleaned her up, and made the dress, apron, and pantaloons.

She's into 19th century nursing and Joseph Merrick A.K.A. The Elephant Man.  So I made a nurse who might have visited Joseph.

I know the Gibson Girl style was not in style in the 19th century but it's the closest I could find that would be appropriate on such short notice.

Until next time:  only nine weeks until Christmas.  Be prepared.

Star Trek dolls!

I finished these Star Trek dolls the other day and put them up on my Etsy page.  The Nurse Chapel one is no longer available but I have one of each of the rest for sale for $22 plus shipping.

Until next time:  to a certain someone I suspect is reading this.  Miss me yet??

Yes, I realize that was totally childish but I don't care.  I'll be better next time.