NEVER be afraid to stand up for yourself! Even if it means being labeled "crazy"!

I FINALLY told Creepy Guy off!  A lot of folks know of Creepy Guy.  He looks like a hippie reject and is aggressive as hell.  He's made multiple sexual remarks to me.  I've lied and said I had a boyfriend but that didn't stop him.  He's tried prying into my personal business and getting into my business in general.

Telling him off does squat about my lack of employment or getting out of here, but it DOES tell him I will NO longer tolerate his bullying.  I only hope the other women he harasses now stand up for themselves and tell him to piss off.

Today was a day I let loose the bitchy side of me.  I had enough of being politely angry and telling him "no" in terse ways.

Today at the post office I was preparing to send an order international so I've got to fill out the forms.  He saw me and said "Found you!"  I ignored him and continued to write.  He stopped next to me, leaned in close, and asked, "What are you doing?  Paying a bill?"

That's when I lost it.  I slammed both my hands down on the counter and screamed "God dammit!  You need to leave me alone!  Stop making sexual remarks!  Stop prying into my business!  Mind your own business and leave me alone!"

He was surprised by this and said "Jesus Christ!  You're nuts!"  He then went along telling everyone else that I'm insane, need to be put on pills, stated I must be on my period, I'm not but that's another story, and went on and on about how crazy I am.

Of course he denied ever saying the things he did to me.  Absolutely ZERO surprise there.
Finally he said he'd never talk to me again but went around telling everyone else how "crazy" I am.

I told him flat out and repeated what I said that he needs to stop making sexual remarks to me and mind his own business.  I also said he should be grateful my dad is no longer alive.  I did NOT say it but Dad was NOT afraid to get into someone's face, Dad knew how to kick ass and take names both verbally AND physically, and Dad was NOT afraid of jail and/or being tried by twelve.

I've told other people and they all said he's like that to all women.  Maybe more women need to stand up for themselves and tell Creepy Guy to piss off!  A child can damn well understand "no means no" and to mind your own business.  What's HIS excuse?  And don't give me this bullshit excuse about "age."

WHY is it when a woman stands up for herself she's crazy, on her period, insane?  IF I were a man people would be singing my praises for standing up for myself or someone else.

Needless to say I'm very well looking into self defense items.  I don't trust Creepy Guy anymore than I can pick up the house I'm in and throw it.

The police say they can track him down and tell him to leave me alone.  If he harasses me again then they can really start to do things about it.


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