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NEVER be afraid to stand up for yourself! Even if it means being labeled "crazy"!

I FINALLY told Creepy Guy off!  A lot of folks know of Creepy Guy.  He looks like a hippie reject and is aggressive as hell.  He's made multiple sexual remarks to me.  I've lied and said I had a boyfriend but that didn't stop him.  He's tried prying into my personal business and getting into my business in general.

Telling him off does squat about my lack of employment or getting out of here, but it DOES tell him I will NO longer tolerate his bullying.  I only hope the other women he harasses now stand up for themselves and tell him to piss off.

Today was a day I let loose the bitchy side of me.  I had enough of being politely angry and telling him "no" in terse ways.

Today at the post office I was preparing to send an order international so I've got to fill out the forms.  He saw me and said "Found you!"  I ignored him and continued to write.  He stopped next to me, leaned in close, and asked, "What are you doing?  Paying a bill?"

I made two new doll dresses based on American Girl/BeForever’s Addy.Her story is set in 1864.

I didn’t have any elastic so I made cuffs instead.I haven’t seen any girl’s dresses from that era with elastic, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t exist. For the shamrock dress I added multiple pintucks in the bodice and growth tucks on the skirt.

Both dresses have vintage trim and glass buttons. They close up the back with Velcro.

They are available for purchase here. Until next time:  what's everyone's view on the Ripper case allegedly being solved?  It proves at one point he was with her, be it before, during, or after death.  However, it doesn't prove he is the one who killed the women.