THIS is what happens when artists get new shoes...and get bored

I don't remember WHEN this happened but I remember as a kid someone talking about these really nice fancy shoes they had. They really WERE fancy and very decorated. Because I was always running around I had very basic and hard wearing shoes. I remember wishing that I could wear fancy shoes like that.

I suppose we all do when we're small children.

As I'm unable to take the pic from the view of the admirer I used forced perspective to make it appear as if I were the person watching myself button up my own shoes. T

he dress I have draped over me as well as the shoe button hook are authentic to the era.

The shoes are reproductions from American Duchess.

The socks and tablecloth I bought from various places.

The placing of this photograph was very intentional. When preparing for another photograph I noticed the way the crack in the bricks went and had an idea.
In letters I've read people have written it felt like the world was splitting in two.  The war really shook up the social hierarchy among other things.
So to my left is the purse and my Mom's high school class ring. I know it's not period correct but I don't care.
On the right is the photograph of the soldier. I used the crack and the placement to show a "split down the middle" visual and emotional feeling.
Also by the crack turning to one side and continuing it shows that things can never be the same as they once were. No one could go back despite how many tried.
The photograph of the soldier is authentic. The shoes are from American Duchess. I'm still working on the dress I'm wearing It needs the overlay done and I just slipped the skirt over my head.
 Until next time:  the green dress I'm working on has taken on an Australian feeling so the pictures will sort of be themed like that.  Nana will like them as that's where she's from.


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