Crafting and two shout outs

It's been a while since I've last updated.  I've been busy working on doll clothes for The Broken Doll.

The Broken Doll is a charity organization that upcycles dolls and doll clothing.  The dolls plus their new clothes are donated to orphaned children.

If you have any extra dolls or doll clothes lying about please consider donating to them.  I have chatted with the lady who organizes the drive and she is very nice and easy to work with.

The second shout out is for a Go Fund Me page.

In April I found three abandoned kittens and their mother.  Once the kittens were old enough I was able to get their mother spayed, her shots, and turned back loose outside.

I am currently unemployed and do not have the funds necessary to pay for the cost of getting three kittens fixed, two females and one male.

I have been unsuccessful in finding homes for them.

The shelters have turned me away.  I've tried getting vouchers but they refuse because I do not live within the same city lines as the vet's office.

I set up a Go Fund Me page to help pay for the cost of getting the kittens fixed.

For those wanting Hallowe'en props I came across this on Pinterest.  It's a great way to get crafty and make your own props if you're on a budget or want something unique.  I really want to do this now!

Until next time:  speaking of Pinterest...  I came across the quote of "I'm on Pinterest because time isn't going to kill itself."

How true!


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