Some funnies for you all

I'm working on a new CW era petticoat.  I'm a quarter of the way in so it's coming along.  I need to add the trimming and do the pin tucks.

In the meantime I have some humor for you.  I swear this is a true story!

I'm normally not one to participate in the Throwback Thursday thing. I always keep on forgetting about it or don't think of anything to share.

This time, however, there is a story that I was being BEGGED to share. If this person were in front of me I'd swear she was on her knees with her hands clasped together begging me to tell this story.

First some background information, I'm a big LOTR fan and have many of the action figures. My dresser is right beside my bed and is good sized. I also had about four or five LOTR action figures lined up on it as I didn't have anywhere else to put them.

It took me a while to get used to the dresser being beside my bed as I'd hit my head against it or punch it when I was reaching for something that was normally on the table next to my bed.

I had the Eomer action figure closest to my bed.

Somewhere along the lines I had knocked my Eomer action figure over and he landed in my bed. No clue how it happened but it did.

The next morning I got up and went "How did you get there?" I put him back in his usual spot.

I then got up, went into the kitchen and said "Mom, I slept with Eomer last night!"

It was quite a long while before Mom could stop laughing long enough to regain SOME composure.


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