Danbury Mint Titanic "Rose" doll: a review

Recently I was given the Danbury Mint Rose Titanic doll.  You can tell they took Kate Winslet's head and photoshopped the entire head and body.  They also photoshopped the dress quite heavily.
Composite made by me.

This is what I received in the mail today.
Pros:  The did put effort into the doll.  It's more than just getting a random doll, slapping some hair and make up on it and claiming it's so and so.
The dress is pretty.
Her shoes and stockings are painted on.
I like that they put details into the little features such as her shoes and the ring.
She's sturdy.
The dress, though a one piece, is removable and is held in place with snaps and hooks and eyes.
Over all she's an attractive doll.
Cons:  The Heart of the Ocean necklace that comes with the doll.  I hate it!  It's disappointing that they put so much effort into making the doll they just slap on a cheap blue charm onto a chain and go "Here's your necklace!" 
If you were hoping to get a nice replica of the necklace with the doll you'll be sorely disappointed.  Buy some pretty beads and make your own instead.
The back of the dress is not beaded nor decorated.  This was a disappointment to me as I had hoped the dress would be decorated all the way around.
The nitpicking:  I know this is all nitpicking but it's things I noticed.
Rose's jewels are blue instead of green in the movie.  I might try painting over these.
The ringlets are too large and thick.
The black overlay has wire in it which makes it stiff and hard to shape.  It would've been better without it.
The flower "buttons" are okay but not very shiny.  Sequins would've worked better in my opinion.
Over all I do like the doll.  It's a pretty doll and she'll work well inside a display cabinet.

You can view and purchase your own doll here.

I am in no way affiliated with Danbury Mint or any companies linked to them.  This is not a paid testimonial, but just my own opinions on the doll.


  1. Thanks for the detailed information. I ordered this doll a week ago, and can hardly wait! I'm a huge fan of the movie. I like the info about the dress being removable, as I'm getting other Titanic outfits from the movie for the doll, like her swim dress, kimono, etc. This way I can display her in different outfits.
    Thanks again!

    1. Enjoy your new doll! :)

      I'm glad to hear you enjoyed my review.

  2. Hi! I really would like to see more photos of her, mostly her face. I really like it, I think that she resemblence Rose, I don't like that she is porcelain, but I think that if she is good it is worth it


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