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My review of the Franklin Mint flying Rose doll

Today via FedEx I received the Franklin Mint Rose doll in her flying dress.  The flying dress has been my favorite Titanic costume since the movie came out.  When I first saw the advertisement I wanted so badly to have the doll but my parents and I knew she was far too expensive.

Over time the memories went away but the feelings always stayed.  I saw the doll recently for sale on eBay for a very cheap price.  It was from an estate sale and I immediately bought her.

This is the Franklin Mint advertisement of the doll.  I know they also made the outfit separate from the doll so people can have the jump doll wearing the flying dress and vise versa.  My doll's outfit came with the doll so mine might vary slightly from others.
This is the doll I received today.

PROS:  Though constructed a little oddly it's a very pretty outfit with lots of nice details.  She even has her engagement ring painted on her finger.
The embroidery on the skirt and lapels is very nicely done and delicate.

Danbury Mint Titanic "Rose" doll: a review

Recently I was given the Danbury Mint Rose Titanic doll.  You can tell they took Kate Winslet's head and photoshopped the entire head and body.  They also photoshopped the dress quite heavily.
Composite made by me.

This is what I received in the mail today.
Pros:  The did put effort into the doll.  It's more than just getting a random doll, slapping some hair and make up on it and claiming it's so and so. The dress is pretty. Her shoes and stockings are painted on. I like that they put details into the little features such as her shoes and the ring. She's sturdy. The dress, though a one piece, is removable and is held in place with snaps and hooks and eyes. Over all she's an attractive doll. Cons:  The Heart of the Ocean necklace that comes with the doll.  I hate it!  It's disappointing that they put so much effort into making the doll they just slap on a cheap blue charm onto a chain and go "Here's your necklace!"  If you were hoping to get a nice…
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