Photography for a cause

I did two photos for a charity event on FaceBook. A friend of mine started it after learning of a young woman who had cancer and started an event with a digital tea party. Everyone could get as creative or as simple as they wanted. I saw that there were some doll pics so I took some of my own.

This one took me forever to set up. I wanted to have that whimsy and wonder from when we were kids. Anything was possible when we were children. Tea parties were dressed up for and something to be experienced and enjoyed. Location didn't matter, the tea party was always in a beautiful place and nothing else mattered.

I wanted the "girls" to be dressed up in nice clothing, maybe somewhat old fashioned, but still something pretty to have tea in.
I didn't have anyone to take the photo so it's taken by me. I like this one the best because you can see the shamrocks the best and they are good luck and good fortune.

Until next time:  never be afraid to help someone.  The person you help may be yourself.


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