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Photography for a cause

I did two photos for a charity event on FaceBook. A friend of mine started it after learning of a young woman who had cancer and started an event with a digital tea party. Everyone could get as creative or as simple as they wanted. I saw that there were some doll pics so I took some of my own.

This one took me forever to set up. I wanted to have that whimsy and wonder from when we were kids. Anything was possible when we were children. Tea parties were dressed up for and something to be experienced and enjoyed. Location didn't matter, the tea party was always in a beautiful place and nothing else mattered.

I wanted the "girls" to be dressed up in nice clothing, maybe somewhat old fashioned, but still something pretty to have tea in.
I didn't have anyone to take the photo so it's taken by me. I like this one the best because you can see the shamrocks the best and they are good luck and good fortune.

Until next time:  never be afraid to help someone.  The…

Two new dresses!

I've been on a bit of a roll lately with recreating the dresses.

The pink one is a work between a friend and I.  They designed the dress and I put it together. We agreed to split any profits down the middle so it's nice for the both of us. This dress is a reproduction from the 2005 Pride and Prejudice movie.  I did my best to recreate Elizabeth Bennet's white ball gown. 
I also have two more dresses that are in the works.

I also have a job interview Monday!  Wish me luck!

Until next time:  I must go.  My people need me.

Life, men, women, and the whole damned thing. A.K.A. "So, like, are you like a feminist or something?"

Alice Paul
The above question was posed to me after sharing this one video about women's suffrage ((right to vote)).

 To answer if I'm a feminist or not depends on how one defines feminist. Some say that they're these bitter shrieking harpies while others say that they just want equal rights. I'd like to say right off I do not hate men, am bitter over being single, or anything like that. Women and men are our friends, not the enemy.

So which is it? When the backlash became so effective?

I'm trying to keep this as gender neutral as possible as men can also be feminists.

People of both genders can be nice and kind. At the same time they can both be hateful and mean. It's pretty much unavoidable that you're going to encounter nice people and not nice people.

To me feminism is about multiple things.

First, feminism is about equality. Women should have the same rights, earn equal pay for equal work, and so on as men do.

Second, feminism is about choice. A woman s…