Three new OOAK doll dresses!

Many thanks to those who have pointed out the new Downton Abbey patterns that have come out.  Unfortunately the JoAnn's fabrics store didn't have them in stock so I ordered them on eBay.  Soon they shall be mine. :D

I've finished off three new OOAK doll dresses.

A turn of the century doll dress.  It's sturdy cotton, metallic gold, and cotton trim.  It closes up the back via Velcro.
A 1930's/40's doll dress.  This is made from the same fabric as above and closes up the back with Velcro.  I really love how this one turned out.  Too cute!


Violets and a ribbon rosette.  In a few years this fabric will qualify as vintage.  Now I feel old when I think about when it was given to me.  I like the print and the vintage feel it has.
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Until next time:  I'm seriously getting hooked on the Copper title theme music...and yet I don't care!  :D


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