Finally crafting again!

After a long time I've finally been able to start crafting again.  My future crafting for a little while will be between dental visits.  I need to get a wisdom tooth yanked and have to go to an oral surgeon to get that done.  I have the consultation next week and then have to set up an appointment to get the pulling of the wisdom tooth done.

In the meantime I've finally finished off my WWII Gray Lady nurse uniforms!  I made a great deal of effort to be historically correct and I had to draft my own pattern.

I made two versions based on photographs, one with long sleeves and the other with short sleeves.

Nurse uniforms for other countries are available upon request.  I'll get to the prototypes eventually, but until then they're available upon request.

Long sleeves

Short sleeves.  The wind was really picking up here.

Many more pictures are available here

My Etsy listing is

Until next time:  “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.”--Paul Terry


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