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Variations on the Downton Abbey purple and white dress

Interestingly enough this dress and the Mrs. Patmore one are my two most popular and requested for variations.

This version I made for a Hallowe'en costume contest.  That and I thought the dress looks awesome in gray.

I also have a new serger now.  A very handy little machine and I'm glad I got it. Until next time:  We all start out life as a primitive goatse.  Really!  We all start out with the back door first.  I'm trying to be diplomatic here--work with me!  Some people, however, never seem to leave this starting point.  Ain't biology grand?

New 1860's Christmas doll dress

I finally finished off the two 1860's doll dresses I've been making.

Lots of work, but I'm happy with how it turned out.  Due to small parts this doll dress is not intended for small children or children who still put things into their mouths.

Until next time:  Flickr.  Yay or nay?

Two new doll dresses

I finished these yesterday and were able to photograph them today.

The Autism Awareness sun dresses are cotton and done in a puzzle piece fabric.  There are four of a kind.
I got lucky in picking up the last bit of this fabric the fabric store had.  This is a OOAK Victorian style Christmas dress. Though it's not entirely visible the apron has two pintucks down the bib and pearl lace so parts of it shine in the light.
Until next time:  “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.”--Douglas Adams

Three new OOAK doll dresses!

Many thanks to those who have pointed out the new Downton Abbey patterns that have come out.  Unfortunately the JoAnn's fabrics store didn't have them in stock so I ordered them on eBay.  Soon they shall be mine. :D

I've finished off three new OOAK doll dresses.

A turn of the century doll dress.  It's sturdy cotton, metallic gold, and cotton trim.  It closes up the back via Velcro. A 1930's/40's doll dress.  This is made from the same fabric as above and closes up the back with Velcro.  I really love how this one turned out.  Too cute!  Violets and a ribbon rosette.  In a few years this fabric will qualify as vintage.  Now I feel old when I think about when it was given to me.  I like the print and the vintage feel it has. As always, f…

Finally crafting again!

After a long time I've finally been able to start crafting again.  My future crafting for a little while will be between dental visits.  I need to get a wisdom tooth yanked and have to go to an oral surgeon to get that done.  I have the consultation next week and then have to set up an appointment to get the pulling of the wisdom tooth done.

In the meantime I've finally finished off my WWII Gray Lady nurse uniforms!  I made a great deal of effort to be historically correct and I had to draft my own pattern.

I made two versions based on photographs, one with long sleeves and the other with short sleeves.

Nurse uniforms for other countries are available upon request.  I'll get to the prototypes eventually, but until then they're available upon request.

Long sleeves

Short sleeves.  The wind was really picking up here.

Many more pictures are available here

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