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Reform dressin' it

I need to fix the waist band but, for the most part, I'm done with my Civil War reform dress.

I was practicing with the camera timer and took this one picture.  I decided that I like it so I've kept it.  :)

Pictures of the rest of the dress coming soon!

 The photograph inspiration for the dress: Lucy J. Russell circa 1864.  The photograph of Ms. Russell is reference only.  I make no claims to the dress or to the photograph.

Child's Titanic Jump dress

I've been making progress on my child's Titanic Jump dress.  This dress will vary from my adult replica in a few ways for price and easy and quick changing.  The adult version is more detailed in it's design.

For the child's I've used faux silk satin and covered it with lightweight bridal lace.  The cut outs in the shoulder have been eliminated for modesty purposes but the rhinestone buttons are still there.  I also raised the front of the red vest slightly for modesty purposes.

The skirt is going to also be decorated with silver sequins once I finish up with the circles.

Until next time:  Don't piss off the fairies!  Thatisall.
I've completed the Mrs. Patmore dress and the pink Edwardian walking/tea blouse and skirt.  I've got to go to the post office tomorrow to ship them out.

Both are available for custom orders on my Etsy page.

My dress form was too small for the dresses but yours will be custom made to order.
Tomorrow is back to work on my first Harlot of Babylon outfit and some Edwardian clothing.
Until next time:Did Han shoot first?