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I do have some projects and ideas in the planning stages.  I'm currently waiting on some trim to arrive so I can get that ball rolling.  I should be getting it tomorrow or Friday.

I also got hooked on the BBC America series Ripper Street.  Oh, period shows, why must you tempt me with your period goodness?

Also, don't watch previews for next week's episode of Ripper Street and Monty Python clips in the same day.  You get weird dreams.  My dream was all the Ripper Street police officers were wearing fake beards and oversized robes. They would go around throwing stones at anyone who said "Ripper."

Edmund Reid ((Matthew Macfayden)) was demanding a shrubbery.

Until next time:
Before anyone gets upset a group of ravens is called a "murder."

1909 children's dress

I finished up this child's dress the other day and got to photograph it today.  For some reason Blogger isn't allowing me to upload photographs so here's the listing to my Etsy page.

It's a reproduction 1909 fashion print from the McCall's company.  I also made a matching doll dress to go with it.

On the to do list are some doll clothes.

Until next time:  I hope 2013 treats everyone kindly.