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Downton Abbey and Pride and Prejudice

The Downton Abbey dress was a commission piece that I finished this morning.

I've wanted to make Sybil's purple dress for a long time but never got around to it.  Finally, I was approached with a question of could I do this?  I was excited to have the chance to do this.  The client provided the materials and I provided the labor.

I really enjoyed putting this together.  The hand cramps from sewing on 74 buttons, I could've done without though.

I'm planning on making one for myself soon.  I have some red taffeta and red ribbon rosettes which would work nicely.
I have it listed for custom orders here. I also finished off my Jane Bennett ball gown from the 2005 Pride and Prejudice movie.  I originally wasn't really planning on making this one.  It was an accident really.  Ironically I had cut my fabric the wrong way and wondered what to do with it.  I went through Regency images for inspiratio…

Butterfly doll dress

I crafted again and used some old butterfly fabric.
The dress is made from cotton fabric with cotton lace trim.  It might be hard to see but there's a growth tuck in the dress.

It closes up the back with Velcro.

In the working stages is one Downton Abbey dress and two Regency style ball gowns.

Until next time:  Happy holidays to all!
I finally finished off the three of a kind Winter wonderland Christmas-y doll dresses.  I say more Winter wonderland because of the fabric print of the kids playing in the snow.

I used holographic ribbon, satin ribbon rosettes, faux pearls, and glass beads to make this.

Over all I'm really happy with how it turned out. Until next time:  They say God doesn't give us more than we can handle.  With all that's been going on this week God must think I'm some kind of bad-ass.

Two new Christmas doll dresses

I have two two of a kind doll dresses.  Try saying that a bunch of times fast.  ;)
Red dress

Green dress

Both are made out of cotton with faux pearl "buttons."  I've sewn the buttons on as strong as I can but the dresses are not recommended for children who still put things into their mouths.

It's hard to believe it's nearly Christmas.  Less than twenty days away.

Until next time:

New Regency dress

My latest Regency dress.

I based this off a real dress from circa 1813.  I originally wanted to make the dress in blue to match my eyes, but I didn't have enough so I used white embroidered lawn fabric.

Until next time:  I'm just going to leave this here...

Variations on the Downton Abbey purple and white dress

Interestingly enough this dress and the Mrs. Patmore one are my two most popular and requested for variations.

This version I made for a Hallowe'en costume contest.  That and I thought the dress looks awesome in gray.

I also have a new serger now.  A very handy little machine and I'm glad I got it. Until next time:  We all start out life as a primitive goatse.  Really!  We all start out with the back door first.  I'm trying to be diplomatic here--work with me!  Some people, however, never seem to leave this starting point.  Ain't biology grand?

New 1860's Christmas doll dress

I finally finished off the two 1860's doll dresses I've been making.

Lots of work, but I'm happy with how it turned out.  Due to small parts this doll dress is not intended for small children or children who still put things into their mouths.

Until next time:  Flickr.  Yay or nay?

Two new doll dresses

I finished these yesterday and were able to photograph them today.

The Autism Awareness sun dresses are cotton and done in a puzzle piece fabric.  There are four of a kind.
I got lucky in picking up the last bit of this fabric the fabric store had.  This is a OOAK Victorian style Christmas dress. Though it's not entirely visible the apron has two pintucks down the bib and pearl lace so parts of it shine in the light.
Until next time:  “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.”--Douglas Adams

Three new OOAK doll dresses!

Many thanks to those who have pointed out the new Downton Abbey patterns that have come out.  Unfortunately the JoAnn's fabrics store didn't have them in stock so I ordered them on eBay.  Soon they shall be mine. :D

I've finished off three new OOAK doll dresses.

A turn of the century doll dress.  It's sturdy cotton, metallic gold, and cotton trim.  It closes up the back via Velcro. A 1930's/40's doll dress.  This is made from the same fabric as above and closes up the back with Velcro.  I really love how this one turned out.  Too cute!  Violets and a ribbon rosette.  In a few years this fabric will qualify as vintage.  Now I feel old when I think about when it was given to me.  I like the print and the vintage feel it has. As always, f…

Finally crafting again!

After a long time I've finally been able to start crafting again.  My future crafting for a little while will be between dental visits.  I need to get a wisdom tooth yanked and have to go to an oral surgeon to get that done.  I have the consultation next week and then have to set up an appointment to get the pulling of the wisdom tooth done.

In the meantime I've finally finished off my WWII Gray Lady nurse uniforms!  I made a great deal of effort to be historically correct and I had to draft my own pattern.

I made two versions based on photographs, one with long sleeves and the other with short sleeves.

Nurse uniforms for other countries are available upon request.  I'll get to the prototypes eventually, but until then they're available upon request.

Long sleeves

Short sleeves.  The wind was really picking up here.

Many more pictures are available here

My Etsy listing is…

I've really been neglecting this blog

I apologize for my neglect and lack of updates.

I've been busy looking for steady employment but have slowly but surely crafting away.  I hope to have some new things up soon.

Quilt commission piece

Three hours worth of nine patch blocking.  I still have to make the hearts, but it's getting there.

Dad is terminal with lung and liver cancer.  He doesn't have much longer.  This is the first time in a long time I've had the chance to create anything.

OOAK Samantha American Girl doll dress

I completed this little doll dress yesterday.  Alas, I don't have anymore of that particular fabric so this one Samantha party dress will be one of a kind.

It's so cute it makes my teeth hurt!

The dress has been listed on my Etsy and eBay accounts and is for sale for $30.

Until next time:  Paint like nobody is watching and paint like you don't need any money.--- John Ferrie
I've completed a few doll dresses and they are for sale up in my Etsy shop.

I'm also having a special promotion.  Anyone who helps promote my shop and sends me the link shall receive free U.S. shipping!  The price for international shipping will be cut in half!

Until next time:  I became sane with long horrible intervals of sanity--E.A. Poe. I can really relate to this.

Website promotion

Be sure to check out the page of Bill Oberst Jr!  One of the kindest men and the creepest actor--and I mean that in a good way!--I've ever had the opportunity to meet.

My Dad has cancer

On Monday Dad was diagnosed with cancer of the lung and liver.  We're waiting for a call back from a specialist to set up an appointment for a biopsy.

In the meantime I've been asking for shout outs for my shop so I can try to bring in some extra money to pay the bills and groceries.

I truly do thank all those who have helped and if you have a minute please check out their shops.

NaturaPluma Designs.  She has so many beautiful items in her shop!

Sydney Flapper.  Anything Goes--Celebrating the 1920's.  So many beautiful pictures and information!

Calliope's Attic.  Lots of vintage findings to make jewelry and so much more!

Karen Mom of Three's Craft Blog.  A blog for doll clothing.  There are some amazingly talented people out there!

Until next time:  Thank you all.  Your support and generousity has…

1920's doll dresses!

I've completed and photographed these two doll dresses.

The red satin dress is OOAK and there are two of the yellow dress.

They were both a lot of fun to make and I will be making more in the very near future.  I have some good picture references.  :D

Until next time:  I've read "The Great Gatsby" in high school and didn't understand half of it.  I kind of want to read it again and see the new movie.

Maddie Astor and photography

I'm between projects right now and thought about making a doll dress Maddie Astor wore.  I took a few historical liberties but overall I really like how it looks.

I also started experimenting around with photography.  I've never taken any photography classes before so I'm learning as I go.

There are three of the doll dresses 15 limited edition prints in my Etsy shop!  :)
Until next time:  your cat is bored.

Reform dressin' it

I need to fix the waist band but, for the most part, I'm done with my Civil War reform dress.

I was practicing with the camera timer and took this one picture.  I decided that I like it so I've kept it.  :)

Pictures of the rest of the dress coming soon!

 The photograph inspiration for the dress: Lucy J. Russell circa 1864.  The photograph of Ms. Russell is reference only.  I make no claims to the dress or to the photograph.

Child's Titanic Jump dress

I've been making progress on my child's Titanic Jump dress.  This dress will vary from my adult replica in a few ways for price and easy and quick changing.  The adult version is more detailed in it's design.

For the child's I've used faux silk satin and covered it with lightweight bridal lace.  The cut outs in the shoulder have been eliminated for modesty purposes but the rhinestone buttons are still there.  I also raised the front of the red vest slightly for modesty purposes.

The skirt is going to also be decorated with silver sequins once I finish up with the circles.

Until next time:  Don't piss off the fairies!  Thatisall.
I've completed the Mrs. Patmore dress and the pink Edwardian walking/tea blouse and skirt.  I've got to go to the post office tomorrow to ship them out.

Both are available for custom orders on my Etsy page.

My dress form was too small for the dresses but yours will be custom made to order.
Tomorrow is back to work on my first Harlot of Babylon outfit and some Edwardian clothing.
Until next time:Did Han shoot first?
I'm finished with the mock up to an Edwardian style top so now it's down to cutting it out of my good fabric.  I should have that done soon.

My pink Edwardian dress is temporarly on hold as I need to purchase some more rose pink thread and some lace edging.  I keep on forgetting that I need to buy an extra spool of thread as thread doesn't come in as large spools as it used to.

Also on the to finish list are the Titanic boarding suits.  I've been wanting to make the breakfast dress for a while.  Yellow is not my color so mine will be dark teal with yellow accents.  I'm also going to modify the under dress so that it has straps and can be used as a semi-formal dress.  The lace over dress will close in the front and be removeable.

I also took this photo yesterday of the sunset.  I used a basic point and shoot digital camera.  I'm in no way a photographer though I want to take a class sometime.

Until next time:  "I am not young enough to know everything."…
The Mrs. Patmore and pink blouse and skirt combination are coming right along.  I ran out of thread for the Mrs. Patmore dress so I had to order some more.

Also in the progress stage is the pink skirt and blouse.  These two are commissions from a lovely client.  The skirt pieces shown are the side back and back.

Until next time:  The shortest distance between two points is under construction.--Noelie Altito.
I've been wanting to try some new art and have been working on some art nouveau stuff.  Once I'm done with some examples I'll start offering custom art nouveau works on my Etsy page.

I've also photographed some 1860's costumes that were drafted from real photographs.  My dress form doesn't have the same measurements I do so the fit isn't very good.  I'm going to get some stretchy fabric and some quilt batting to fix that.

I jokingly call this one my "boarding dress."  A semi-hobble skirt was easier to walk in than I thought it was.  Guess I don't walk in as big strides as I thought I did.

I'm also working on the Titanic boarding suit and a dress that may have been the inspiration for the boarding suit.  The first one will be made from dark gold satin with brown trim.  I may go back and make one with stripes next.

All the dresses are available on my Etsy page!  I custom make blouses so don't be afraid to ask if you want a copy of th…
I have completed my Regency and reproduction Downton Abbey dresses and both are up on Etsy.

My dress form has a smaller bust measurement than I do which is why the outfits aren't hanging correctly on there.  I plan on getting some stretchy fabric and some batting to remedy that problem.

My Regency dress is inspired by a real dress from 1815-1820.

I really liked Lady Mary's purple striped dress in Downton Abbey.
Until next time:  

New Etsy shop!

I've started up a second Etsy shop for period reformist clothing, the occasional gender swap/bend outfit, and whatever else doesn't fit into my Edwardian Girl Etsy shop.

It started after when I was thinking of making a reform dress a woman called me a "Rebellious Harlot of Babylon."  I pretty much responded by pointing and laughing at the monitor but not responding to her comment.  And yes, I am very familiar to what the reference means.  On FaceBook it went wild and people were encouraging me to make a second shop so I did!

Once I can complete an outfit or two my second shop will be open for business.

My FaceBook page for it will be the same as my Edwardian Girl page.  I'm too lazy to go and make a second page.  My works in progress and everything else will also be posted here just under different labels.

Until next time:  One is never too old to be a rebellious harlot of Babylon!
I finished up and photographed these three blouses today.  They're all based on 1909 style Edwardian blouses.
Blue eyelet with reproduction silver buttons and eyelet edging.

A floral long sleeved blouse with ribbon trim.  My geek is showing in that the trim is Star Trek like.

Pink eyelet blouse with vintage ribbon trim and glass beads down the front.

All blouses are custom made and now available on my Etsy shop.

Until next time:  just what are chick peas anyway?

The battle

Every time I break out the ironing board this happens...
Cleo:  "Your ironing board?  I don't see your name on it."
Until next time:  Some things never change!