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Until next time:  Merry Christmas to you all!

Lots of new stuff!

I've completed two Civil War era dresses as well as two Edwardian style dresses, and one 1918 style blouse.  The blouse is surprisingly comfortable once you get used to the fabric belt it has.  I'm thinking of making a less formal version for day-to-day wear.

We finally got enough of a break in the weather for a few photos.  Good thing too, because the moment we finished with photos it started raining again!
Doing the reform dresser corset or hoops.  I designed this one to be worn out and about for general reenacting.  Many reenactment places won't allow you to wear hoops because of the fire hazard.  In the time hoops were popular they were regularly catching fire and newspapers even reported on it! 
I still want to do the bloomer girl thing sometime.  That'd be fun to do and it is historically accurate.  There was a colony back then where women wore short skirts over their pants as well as photos of women doing it in general.
My original was a commission p…