In progress pics

Lately I've switched gears a bit and have been working on Edwardian and Victorian clothing.  I've completed the skirts to both and have to finish up the bodices.  Either buttons or putting in button holes.

The colors don't match up to real life as I took these pics as the sun was setting.  I apologize for the harshness of the colors.

The Edwardian dress is based off a 1911 reproduction print I have.
The dress has a split overskirt that is trimmed with ribbon and lace.  The undrerksirt is also trimmed with the same ribbon and lace.  There's going to be a great deal of gathers down the front.

The 1860's sheer dress was inspired by photographs from the era.  Sometimes that fabric is so thin you'd think it was some form of chiffon.

The fabric here is more pink than orange.

Until next time:  Take a moment to remember the veterans who fought for our country today.


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