Soon to be steampunking it

I am a fan of the steampunk fashion and hope one day to attend a convention.  My steampunk costume is temporarily on hold as my fabric supplier is moving and they have a delay.  As I don't need it right away I don't mind waiting.

I found an under bust corset that I love that I plan on buying.

I'm thinking steampunk archaeologist.  As a kid I desperately wanted to be one and thought it would be fitting.

Quite warm here today so a good day to stay inside.  We're supposed to reach 106 degrees F this weekend.  Yow!

Until next time:  I don't have anything funny or witty to say.  I still feel greatly saddened by the shooting in Colorado.  I may never get an answer but I'm forced to wonder how or why someone could do such a terrible thing?


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