Business carding it

Upon friendly suggestion I finally ordered some business cards.  I should be getting them sometime next week.
I ordered them from VistaPrint and over all I like the design.  I wish they had more options and some period style backgrounds but that's okay too.  In a bizzare way it makes me feel a bit giddy as I'm "official" now.  I am one with the cheap thrills.  ;)

I've also almost completed my 1860's corset.  I'm giving the fray check overnight to dry and then I can finish off a chemise and the pantaloons.  It sure does take some getting used to with the chemise resting on your shoulders.  As much as I like them period gowns do limit the use of my arms.

Until next time:  It's 105 degrees F out here.  I certainly won't melt in the rain but I think I might from the temperatures!


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