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I'm thinking of the Titanic dinner dress.  I have enough sequins for a dress made in blue, rose pink, or fuscha.
I'm stuck on which to go with?  Does anyone have a preference?

Until next time:  My cat Art makes brushing my teeth a spectator sport.  He will always be right next to me each time I brush my teeth.

Soon to be steampunking it

I am a fan of the steampunk fashion and hope one day to attend a convention.  My steampunk costume is temporarily on hold as my fabric supplier is moving and they have a delay.  As I don't need it right away I don't mind waiting.

I found an under bust corset that I love that I plan on buying.

I'm thinking steampunk archaeologist.  As a kid I desperately wanted to be one and thought it would be fitting.

Quite warm here today so a good day to stay inside.  We're supposed to reach 106 degrees F this weekend.  Yow!

Until next time:  I don't have anything funny or witty to say.  I still feel greatly saddened by the shooting in Colorado.  I may never get an answer but I'm forced to wonder how or why someone could do such a terrible thing?

Business carding it

Upon friendly suggestion I finally ordered some business cards.  I should be getting them sometime next week.
I ordered them from VistaPrint and over all I like the design.  I wish they had more options and some period style backgrounds but that's okay too.  In a bizzare way it makes me feel a bit giddy as I'm "official" now.  I am one with the cheap thrills.  ;)

I've also almost completed my 1860's corset.  I'm giving the fray check overnight to dry and then I can finish off a chemise and the pantaloons.  It sure does take some getting used to with the chemise resting on your shoulders.  As much as I like them period gowns do limit the use of my arms.

Until next time:  It's 105 degrees F out here.  I certainly won't melt in the rain but I think I might from the temperatures!

Two doll dresses

I whipped up these two doll dresses today.
I made this dress from vintage fabric my grandmother gave me.

This one was made out of some left over fabric.  I rather like the butterfly print.
Until next time:  Perfection is the enemy of the good.  Think about it.


I finally and officially have a website up.  It's not too much to look at the moment as I'm still very new to website building.  As time goes on I will do my best to update and make it look better.

If you wish to exchange links I'd be happy to do so.  :)  I will not link to any sites containing politics, hate speech, racism, pornography, or anything that is not family friendly.  I reserve the right to reject any links for content I do not feel is appropriate.  I do not wish to be nasty like this but I feel the need to mention this.

Until next time:  it's hot enough outside to melt duct tape!

A case for the flirty sandals

As a kid I never really had anything considered "fashionable."  Just about all of my clothes were hand-me-downs or Good Will finds, most to all of which were "last season."  I never complained about it as I was just grateful to have clothes that I could grow into.  We were so broke we couldn't go out and buy new clothes that were in style when I was a kid.  After I outgrew the clothes they either went to my cousins or someone in the family would cut them up to make quilts or doll clothes out of.  If at all possible nothing was wasted.

I suppose in a way that's why I enjoy historical costuming.  There was very little to no "over the top" and I can get away with a lot of things and still have it be fashionable.

After my knee injury wearing any shoes with a heel above two or two and a half inches will cause me to be in agony after just an hour.  I'll get knee and lower back pain though I believe the lower back pain is also due to the curve in my …