Total product placement

I'm back from my trip.  I enjoyed the train ride to Colorado but hated the ride back.  A group of heavilly drunk people were very loud and harrassing others and myself and left me with a screaming migraine.  I really believe they should put a cap on how much people should have to drink on a train ride.  I know in some states you can put a limit on how much someone has.

While we weren't allowed to take any pictures inside the Molly Brown house I do have two pictures of myself in costume at the theater seeing Titanic in 3D.  The way they did the water was amazing.

I'm wearing my Edwardian blouse and skirt.  I love the crinkle satin of the skirt.

Pardon the bad hair.  It was rather windy at the theater and my hair hisses at me when I try to brush it.

Total product placement.

Until next time:  wouldn't it be awesome in fingerless gloves came back in style?  I love my fingerless gloves!  So much fun!


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