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Last minute rush!

Nothing like it in the world!  ;)  I've completed my blouses, skirt, and jacket or my Edwardian dress.  Once the weather stops being so ugly I'll see about getting photographs.  It's raining and very overcast here.

I've also been in the works for a brown, pink, and cream dress.  I'm basing it on a real dress in my collection.  All that's left to do is the top, belt, and attaching the two.  Why do I feel like ice cream?

Until next time:  If you've got a few minutes check out this page for great Edwardian images.

A second 1909 blouse

I had left over fabric and became inspired.  I used mother of pearl beads for the center of each flower.  I really like how it looks and it doesn't weigh down the fabric.

My sleeves and collar.

Until next time:  Out of general curiousity why is it when companies make patterns and clothing for us "tall" folks they always add on a huge amount of fabric?  Is it me?