Thanks to physical therapy I can make my way around with a cane.  It's estimated if I continue along this path I'll be able to walk unassisted within a month.  After that it's a matter of building up speed and strength so I can do all that I used to.

On the to do list for the Renaissance Faire in September/October is Eowyn's green Edoras dress seen in The Two Towers.  I originally wanted to make the dress in green but the fabric would've cost me an extra $60 that I didn't have so I stuck with red velvet and a leaf brocade.  Rohan has a lot of reds and warm colors so it will fit right in.

Also on the plotting list is Galadriel's mirror dress and Eowyn's mourning dress.

Somewhere along the lines I'll have to invest in a long blonde wig as I have naturally dark brown hair.

Making a Hobbit costume would also be fun.

In the meantime I came across some humor.

Until next time:  Utini, baby!


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