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Titanic and the Duchess

I got the pictures yesterday of my interpretations of the Titanic and Horatio Hornblower dresses.

I have uploaded them both to Etsy.

I have some children's clothes in the works.  I've been fortunate enough to find some period fashion plates which I can base the dresses on.

I also have some news to post but I'm running short on time so that will be shared next time.

Until next time:  Kittens never seem to grow in porportion.

Titanic deck dress

I completed my interpretation of the Titanic deck dress.  The camera didn't want to cooperate with me so I was only able to get one shot that I liked and that was by accident.  Mom said this weekend she'd try taking pictures of me in costume so more pictures are on the way!

Until next time:  I saw these escalators the other day and a quote popped into my head.  I forget who it was who said it but "the worst that escalators can become are stairs!  We apologize for the convience!"