Duchess bodice

I've completed the top to my Horatio Hornblower Duchess bodice.

The top is boned with quarter inch spiral steel boning.  The brown trim is taffeta and the rest of the dress is cotton fabric.

The bodice is very fitted so a mock up for any orders is required.  I had to modify my own several times and had to take it in because I lost weight.  It's one of those if you gain or lose a few pounds you will be modifying it.

It's funny how a hundred plus years ago the lining and actual fabric were treated as one piece which made for easier modifying.  Now we always hide the seams when we have lining.

All that's left to do is set the grommets in the back, pleat, and attach the skirt.

My other duchess bodice is temporarly on hold as I've run out of brown thread.

These dresses are detailed and very time consuming.  This will be one of my more expensive dresses but it has many options.  You can get as frilly or as simple as you want and it will still work.

Until next time:  The kitten Athena is such a drama queen.  I fed her this morning and she's coming up to me going "Oh, I'm sooooooooo starving!  If you don't feed me this instant I shall shrivel up and wither away into nothingness!"

She laid on the floor until I got the food bowl and then magically was able to get up with rapid speed!


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