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Titanic officer's uniform

I'm almost done with the female version of the Titanic officer's uniform.  I have a pattern for a men's version but haven't gotten around to making it and I don't have any guys around who are there to model it.  It'll be in sketch for a while until I get a customer or someone who wants to model it.

I have to iron the dress, set in the sleeves, and sew on the buttons and then I'm done!

Already I've been asked if I'm going to make the tropics or the summer uniform.  I might get around to it one of these days.

Until next time:  If you want to see me wearing a white tropics/summer uniform raise my hand!

On the finish and to do list...

I apologize for the delay in blogging.Things have been most busy here and not necessarily in a good way.
On my “finish” and “to do” list are several projects.
I want to finish off my Duchess outfits from Horatio Hornblower:The Duchess and the Devil.
I’m also almost done with my Titanic deck dress.The belt is that all that remains.My searches for a good wheat pattern that’s on the real dress have been fruitless so I stuck with a wheat colored taffeta.Gotta love that swishing noise it makes when you move!;)
On the to do list after the Renaissance Faire is a breakfast dress as well as some other dresses from the movie.
What can I say?I’m a costume nut for that movie.
Until next time:Don't take life too seriously--no one makes it out in the end.


I have two close up pictures of my Duchess outfits from Horatio Hornblower:  The Duchess and the Devil.  I still have to make my corset and bodice before I'm finished.

It'll be my first corset ever made so hopefully all will work out!  I'm having it lace both up the front and the back.  Being asthmatic and if no one else is around if I need to get myself out quickly I'd rather be able to unlace myself through the front.

The two skirt pictures are close ups.  The sun was almost right above me and any attempt to get the pictures from the other angle were futile.  The blue dress is minus it's lace.  Hopefully I should be getting that tomorrow.

Until next time:  Don't be the person your mother warned you about. Make sure her imagination wasn't that creative.

To help out a friend

It is my hope to help a friend named Nancy who is battling MS. Twenty-five percent of all sales from my Etsy shop will be going to help her pay her medical bills. My Etsy shop is

I know money is tight for a great many but any help at all is greatly appreciated. Even some promotion on your FB page, blogs, twitter…carrier pigeon is helpful and appreciated.

Use coupon code CARRIERPIGEON10 through August 1st for 10% off your entire order!

Until next time:  It is illegal to get a fish drunk in Florida.  Really!  It makes one wonder just how would someone get a fish drunk...?