Give Forward and costuming stuff

We are having most unusual weather.  It's raining in June!  It's not just a sprinkle but serious rain!  It still amuses me how people look at me horrified when I say it doesn't always stay sunny in California.

I made a new Regency dress out of fabric that was given to me.  Lately a lot of girls want Regency dresses made out of saris.  I've done a search and sometimes saris can be very expensive.

I was given this fabric when the local fabric shop closed down and went to work.

A custom made version is available in my Etsy shop.

I've also been working on my purple Civil War dress.  I've gotten more progress done but this is the latest point I've taken photos.

Now, sadly, for something a bit more serious.  In May 2009 my mother was diagnosed with accute myeloid leukemia.  This year she got a transplant and the insurance company cut her coverage leaving us holding a 5 grand hospital bill.  I'm normally not one for asking, actually it's downright terrifying, but I ask for help.  Donations, linkage, anything!  It all helps.

Thank you.


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