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Two adopted kittens that were abandoned

Today I picked up two abandoned kittens. The lady who runs the local coffee shop said she saw someone dump them and take off.

I had to go to the store today to pick up some milk and other odds and ends. With it being close to 100 degrees F and it supposed to be getting to 106 degrees F there was no way I was walking that mile to and back.

I was able to park near the store front and was going to the enterance when I heard something that I first thought was a bizzare bird call. The birds have been most vocal lately in their songs and "chats" with one another. Ignoring it I then heard a second cry and then a third. That caught my attention as it sounded like a kitten.

Turning around I saw part of a kitten body sticking out from under an ice machine.

As I came closer it shrieked again and ducked underneath the machine. I had to get down on my hands and knees to see where it had gone. To my surprise it wasn't one kitten but two!

Sighing I said, "Oh, boy" and tried …
Many thanks go out to Regretsy and the site's members for their help in this difficult time with my mother's leukemia treatment.

I still have lots and lots of items in my shop all waiting for a good home.  :)
Until next time:  Release the...crawdad!

Give Forward and costuming stuff

We are having most unusual weather.  It's raining in June!  It's not just a sprinkle but serious rain!  It still amuses me how people look at me horrified when I say it doesn't always stay sunny in California.

I made a new Regency dress out of fabric that was given to me.  Lately a lot of girls want Regency dresses made out of saris.  I've done a search and sometimes saris can be very expensive.

I was given this fabric when the local fabric shop closed down and went to work.

A custom made version is available in my Etsy shop.
I've also been working on my purple Civil War dress.  I've gotten more progress done but this is the latest point I've taken photos.

Now, sadly, for something a bit more serious.  In May 2009 my mother was diagnosed with accute myeloid leukemia.  This year she got a transplant and the insurance company cut her coverage leaving us holding a 5 grand hospital bill.  …