Swing dress fabric

Yesterday I was able to cut out the fabric for my swing dress.  The fabric on the right is a reproduction of an old flour sack print.

I originally had wanted to go all out with authentic fabric but couldn't because it would be too expensive and people used their things back then.  During the Great Depression nothing went to waste.

If the fabric has an "official" title I don't know what it is.  I've been calling it my "bubble girl dress."  It's like 1940's Lady Gaga....

The bubble girl dress will be short sleeves while the hydrangea print will be 3/4 inch sleeves.  I think I used every scrap of fabric I had to cut out the patterns.

I also need to get two zippers for the closure.  I'm cheating and going with invisible zippers as it takes me multiple times to get it in and done straight.

Huh, I just saw on Yahoo you could even buy a wedding ring at Costco...and now even a casket.  How would this go?  "Okay, we're going to Costco!  Need to get some milk, bread, pick up a casket for grandma...."

Until next time:  Beware of the Cult of Snuggie!  Do not follow the LED light!  They lead to places unknown!  Unknown for human understanding!


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