On the to-do list

Ever feel like you have a list that will never end?  Aside from general housework my never ending list is sewing projects.

I have a plastic bin full of uncut fabric that has been labeled for each individual costume.  I have a wooden cedar chest full of odds and ends that I'll do something with eventually.  Maybe doll clothes.

On my to-do list are many historical and movie costumes.

Now on the list is a Mary "French Mary" Tepe like costume.  I know never in a million years will I look anything like her but I decided to create her costume and I can go as a random person.

This one is going to be time consuming and the accessories expensive.  I've looked around and can't really fudge the accessories without it looking cheap or just plain wrong.  I can always save them for other things too.

You can learn more about Mary Tepe here.  http://www.jamesallendavis.com/marytepe.htm

Until next time:  Why isn't there more information on the women who fought in the war out there?


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