Happy Easter to all!

I hope everyone has a good Easter Sunday.

Very quiet and overcast today.  Due to allergies I don't feel much like sewing so I've been playing my game "Civil War:  Secret Missions".

The only complaint I have is the game gets herky jerky from time to time.  Commenting about the graphics being dated as the game was released in 2008 and the characters repeating the same things over and over is nitpicking.

It's a rather entertaining game and you can learn a lot from it.  You play a Confederate soldier and you slowly work your way up the ranks by destroying supplies and defeating the enemy troops.  In a few days I've made it to the Gettysburg level.  That one is going to be a pain to beat.

Until next time:  I shot one of the Yankees four times and he kept on coming!  Four times with a mini ball....yeah.  This only means one thing...the Yankees are experimenting with zombie technology!  The Yankees are coming!  The Yankees are coming!


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