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On the to-do list

Ever feel like you have a list that will never end?  Aside from general housework my never ending list is sewing projects.

I have a plastic bin full of uncut fabric that has been labeled for each individual costume.  I have a wooden cedar chest full of odds and ends that I'll do something with eventually.  Maybe doll clothes.

On my to-do list are many historical and movie costumes.

Now on the list is a Mary "French Mary" Tepe like costume.  I know never in a million years will I look anything like her but I decided to create her costume and I can go as a random person.

This one is going to be time consuming and the accessories expensive.  I've looked around and can't really fudge the accessories without it looking cheap or just plain wrong.  I can always save them for other things too.

You can learn more about Mary Tepe here.

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Happy Easter to all!

I hope everyone has a good Easter Sunday.

Very quiet and overcast today.  Due to allergies I don't feel much like sewing so I've been playing my game "Civil War:  Secret Missions".

The only complaint I have is the game gets herky jerky from time to time.  Commenting about the graphics being dated as the game was released in 2008 and the characters repeating the same things over and over is nitpicking.

It's a rather entertaining game and you can learn a lot from it.  You play a Confederate soldier and you slowly work your way up the ranks by destroying supplies and defeating the enemy troops.  In a few days I've made it to the Gettysburg level.  That one is going to be a pain to beat.

Until next time:  I shot one of the Yankees four times and he kept on coming!  Four times with a mini ball....yeah.  This only means one thing...the Yankees are experimenting with zombie technology!  The Yankees are coming!  The Yankees are coming!

Swing dress fabric

Yesterday I was able to cut out the fabric for my swing dress.  The fabric on the right is a reproduction of an old flour sack print.

I originally had wanted to go all out with authentic fabric but couldn't because it would be too expensive and people used their things back then.  During the Great Depression nothing went to waste.

If the fabric has an "official" title I don't know what it is.  I've been calling it my "bubble girl dress."  It's like 1940's Lady Gaga....

The bubble girl dress will be short sleeves while the hydrangea print will be 3/4 inch sleeves.  I think I used every scrap of fabric I had to cut out the patterns.

I also need to get two zippers for the closure.  I'm cheating and going with invisible zippers as it takes me multiple times to get it in and done straight.

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Doll dresses and art!

I was able to get around to completing my doll dresses and uploading them to Etsy.

I broke out my trusty Rebecca American Girl doll and went to photographing.  What look like bizzare horizontal lines is the porch swing out front.  Behind the porch swing is this little garden area that for the life of my parents and myself nothing will grow there!  It's a plot I tell you!  A plot!

Right...moving on....

I made two of these Mary Poppins like doll dresses.  Because of the loose fitting nature of the dresses I imagine they should fit many eightteen inch dolls.  I made two of these.

I also made a little yellow flannel nightgown for a doll.  Ignoring the bulkiness of the fabric when sewing doll clothes it was suprisingly easy to work with.

And finally a similar variation to the yellow nightgown.  This one I made from bright green gingham.

Testing out my new blog

Upon it being suggested I decided to try starting up my own little blog.

This blog shall be kept for my costuming progress and whatever else comes to mind.

You can find me on Etsy here.

And FaceBook here.

Currently I'm plotting on making some 1940's style dresses.  I have my fabric already bought but need to get the other odds and ends for it.