I've been planning a Hallowe'en costume that involves me making a prop.  I decided that I'm going to make this prop.  This picture is NOT mine but one I found on Pinterest.

Recreating it wouldn't be that hard.

We sell fake pumpkins at work so I can get one there for under $20.

I've got two options for painting it.

One is using model paint and painting the pumpkin that way.  Model paint is meant to adhere to plastic while everything else will come off.  The drawbacks is model paint is expensive.

My other option is priming the pumpkin and then painting it once the primer is dry.

You can get those big fake rhinestones pretty cheap online and organize them in any way you want.

I've had an unexpected expense but Hallowe'en is a little over a month away so that gives me some time.
Well, this is the dress that wore out my old sewing machine.  I seem to have a three year lifespan with sewing machines before they up and die on me.  Considering how much I use them I'd say three years is a pretty good span and I certainly got my money's worth out of it.

I got a new sewing machine and it's a lot more sensitive but it works really well.  Thankfully it's like the "big brother" of my old machine so a lot of things are the same with it.

I've been working on and finished up a commission piece for a client.  She picked out some lightweight gray silk, a black overlay, and velvet trim.  It was a challenging project to work on but over all I think it turned out pretty nicely.

Instagram account

I'm sorry for not having updated in a while.  It's been very busy and I've also been rather sick lately.  My latest battle was with a bad bout of food poisoning where I was hospitalized overnight.  It sure doesn't kill you but it makes you wish that it did!

I'm super late for the party but I did set up an Instagram account.  You can find me here.

Two of a kind Clara Barton doll dress

I made the Clara Barton doll dresses for the Women of History series I have on Etsy.

I'm also having a sale in my Etsy shop.  You can find the information in the shop news section.
You can find it in my Etsy shop here.

A League of Their Own costume Hallowe'en costume, Part Three: It's All Done!

I was able to finish off my A League of Their Own costume for Hallowe'en.  As a surprise birthday gift I was given the supplies to make a Racine Belles costume as well!

My supplies, notes, and thanks are all in part one here:

My mock up is in part two:

Rockford Peaches

The lighting is harsh in this picture but I still like it.
Dirt in the skirt and fox tails in the shoes!
Racine Belles

I did a brief video of my costumes up on YouTube.

I hope everyone liked the tutorial and pictures!

A League of Their Own costume Hallowe'en costume, Part Two: Mockup

I promise I haven't forgotten about this one costume!  I've been busy between helping a friend out and small commission work on Etsy.  Yay.  Buuuuuuuuuut...between the heat wave and it meant that I didn't have a lot of time to work on my own personal work.  Not so yay.

This costume is meant for entertainment and educational purposes only.  I make no money off this costume.

You can read part one about notes, reference images, and supplies used here.

On the pattern I used by Designing Twining and Muffin Head Patterns  there are four inches of ease in the pattern pieces.  Because of this I looked up the measurements on the finished costume and cut out the pattern in that size.  This meant going down a size or two but the mock up fit very well.

I did do one big goof with this mock up in having the front panels mixed up.  In my…

A League of Their Own costume Hallowe'en costume, Part One: Supplies and Notes

I first saw A League of Their Own when I was in high school.  Ironically enough it was in a typing class.  I don't remember why it was shown but it was for the day.

Before a knee injury ended any potential step dance/sports career I used to play baseball regularly.  Fun fact:  I was the pitcher.

Anyway, I had largely forgotten about the movie until I came across the movie and watched it on TV and decided I wanted to make the costume for Hallowe'en.

Thanks to Maggie on Costumer's Guide I was able to find a good amount of information on how to make the costume.  She has some nice pictures and is kind enough to share the links as to where she bought her supplies.

You can find Maggie's blog and her costume details here.

Pinterest was also a huge help in finding good reference pictures for making the costume and I saved a great deal of images from there.

I'm not making any money off this tutori…