A League of Their Own costume Hallowe'en costume, Part One: Supplies and Notes

I first saw A League of Their Own when I was in high school.  Ironically enough it was in a typing class.  I don't remember why it was shown but it was for the day.

Before a knee injury ended any potential step dance/sports career I used to play baseball regularly.  Fun fact:  I was the pitcher.

Anyway, I had largely forgotten about the movie until I came across the movie and watched it on TV and decided I wanted to make the costume for Hallowe'en.

Thanks to Maggie on Costumer's Guide I was able to find a good amount of information on how to make the costume.  She has some nice pictures and is kind enough to share the links as to where she bought her supplies.

You can find Maggie's blog and her costume details here.

Pinterest was also a huge help in finding good reference pictures for making the costume and I saved a great deal of images from there.

I'm not making any money off this tutorial as it is written for education and entertainment purposes only.



Patches:  I bought these from a seller on Etsy who custom makes them.  You can find patch makers on Etsy, iron on transfers, or even patterns to make your own patches.

I bought my patches from Violet Orchid Boutique.

She also has the Racine Belles patches.

Hat:  I have a slight wool allergy so I didn't buy the wool hat but instead purchased a cotton-twill one.  This hat is very similar and is good quality.

Socks and belt:  I also bought these on Amazon.  I was told to avoid the maroon as they're really brown and went with the bright red.  I'm waiting on them to arrive so I'll be sure to share pictures when the post office can deliver them.
The socks actually have white feet which is something I didn't notice until it was pointed out to me.  There might be socks with white feet available online so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!
Pattern:  I bought and downloaded this pattern on Etsy.  It is from Designing Twining and Muffin Head Patterns.
She has patterns for adults as well as children.
Bloomers:  I'll be using some left over red satin for the bloomers and the number on the back.
Now comes the fun part!  Reference images!
I do not own any of these images!  I saved them from Pinterest and various Google image searches.  No money is made off the images as they are for research purposes only.
The original Rockford Peaches

This image is a bit grainy but you can see the silhouette and skirt length pretty well.
"There's no crying in baseball!"  This one image provides a good side view of where the patches go.
The dress has a side zipper.  The pattern on Etsy doesn't require one so if you don't want a side zipper you can skip this entirely.
A good view of the bloomers.

That's all I have for now so I will be sure to update this tutorial when I have the mock up for the uniform done.


  1. I wrote up part two about the mock up. It is available to read here.


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