Thoughts on mental health

I'm working on doll clothes but after an incident today with a friend I thought I would take a break and write out something.

I was talking with a friend about mental health and issues.  I won't go into detail about what we talked about.

We got onto the subject of treatment and "recovery."  Treatment for mental health issues are wide and varied.  What may work for one person won't work for another and medications may even need to be adjusted and changed over time.  There's no one size fits all answer when it comes to mental health.

In a way I think we really put negative pressure on ourselves because there is a negative stigma against mental illness.

When we receive treatment it is often presented as a straight and linear line.  We're told Point A is where we are starting at and we cross on over to Point B.  As we walk along this line we sometimes believe recovery and treatment will become easier and easier.

What we're not told is "Point B" moves on you, that is if there is a Point B at all.

We're also not told that there's going to be ups and downs.  Some of these highs and lows may be higher and lower than others.  This is normal.  But because we're not told this we can somehow think that we've failed or have done something wrong if we have a down period. 

If we think we have somehow done "poorly" or have "failed" it makes us far less likely to seek out treatment again.  You wouldn't want someone to tell you "You didn't try hard enough/will yourself through it/snap out of it/etc."

This is why we desperately need more understanding of mental health and to banish the negative stigma.  Once it is out and people are told what a person can expect during treatment and recovery it will open up the doors and make people more likely to seek out help.  If people don't talk or won't reach out then they cannot be helped.

I've been there, I'm still there, and I know how it is.  If you need someone to talk to write me.  I promise not to judge and I'll do what I can to help.

I've never met someone who wasn't important or didn't have worth.  You do matter and your feelings are valid.


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