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Three more 1860's doll clothes

I've made some more doll dresses out of vintage materials that both Mom had and were given to me.  A lot of it was too small to make anything for myself out of but just right for doll clothes.

Let the 1860's doll fashions begin!  I tried to base these off of real dresses from the era in my books collection.

I think Addy looks great in blue.  I used faux pearls for the button details.
I've sold one of these dresses to a friend but the other is available here on my Etsy page. Caroline in some vintage print and vintage trim.  I really like how well the colors look with Caroline's coloring and eyes.  The cotton trim was given to me and it works great for doll clothes.  The "buttons" are genuine rose quartz beads. I have three of these available for sale here on my Etsy page. I love how Josefina looks in p…