How to make a "haunted mirror."

This is actually a fairly simple tutorial I read about online.

You will need:

1 mirror with a frame
1 picture that you wish to use
Oven cleaner OR nail polish remover.  Personally I prefer nail polish remover.  Less fumes and easier clean up.


Box cutter with extra blades
Comet cleaner or something similar that's abrasive
Steel wool

I started out by buying a cheap mirror online that the customer liked.
She went for the sort of period shabby-chic look.  You can also paint your mirror frame and decorate it any way you wish.  May old fashioned mirror frames were dark colors with metal accents.  Glitter Glu would work well for the "accents" to give it a sparkly effect.

If you can remove the backing and mirror from the frame.  In my case the mirror was glued in so I used paper towels to catch any mess up.

The silver backing was hard for me to remove so I started by taking my box cutter and making hash marks over spots of the silver backing where I wanted the image to be seen.  This process will dull your blade quickly so make sure extra blades.

I put nail polish remover on those areas and let it sit for a few minutes.  To help with the "scratches" I scrubbed at the areas with steel wool.  You really need to push down and scrub to get the backing to come off.

To help with the abrasiveness I used Comet toilet cleaner as it's abrasive and helps get the silver backing off.

Once you have enough of the mirror's silver backing removed wipe the back of the mirror off with a damp cloth and let it dry over night.  Make sure all of the nail polish and abrasive cleaner has been removed.

The next day I took my photograph and centered it to a position I liked.  I cut off the edges of the photograph.  I did not tape the photograph to the mirror.  As the mirror had a backing I taped the photo to the backing so tape residue could not get on the mirror.

Overall it worked out pretty well and I'll be shipping it off to the customer in a few days.

No two mirrors will be alike so play around with what you like and in cases like this cheaper is better.

Until next time:  they say snails smell with their feet.  Snails have feet??


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