My review of the Franklin Mint flying Rose doll

Today via FedEx I received the Franklin Mint Rose doll in her flying dress.  The flying dress has been my favorite Titanic costume since the movie came out.  When I first saw the advertisement I wanted so badly to have the doll but my parents and I knew she was far too expensive.

Over time the memories went away but the feelings always stayed.  I saw the doll recently for sale on eBay for a very cheap price.  It was from an estate sale and I immediately bought her.

This is the Franklin Mint advertisement of the doll.  I know they also made the outfit separate from the doll so people can have the jump doll wearing the flying dress and vise versa.  My doll's outfit came with the doll so mine might vary slightly from others.
This is the doll I received today.

PROS:  Though constructed a little oddly it's a very pretty outfit with lots of nice details.  She even has her engagement ring painted on her finger.
The embroidery on the skirt and lapels is very nicely done and delicate.
The blue velvet is a great color.
The sash is nice and well done.
Her hair comes pre-styled so there's no worrying about that.
The shawl has a lot of gold and small details.
The lace inset is very pretty.
Her head, neck, chest, lower arms, and legs are porcelain.  The rest of her body is cloth with sturdy wire running through it.
Her shoes look painted on so no fear of losing those.  I didn't try to remove them.  I imagine it's different for anyone who buys the doll separately from the outfit.
There is beading on the tips of the shall and jacket.
The jewelry is nice, though a little undecorated.  There's only so much you can do with miniature details wise.

CONS:  Because of the wire she has very little mobility.  Once you pose her make sure you like that pose so you don't run the risk of breaking the wire.
The shawl can easily ravel so be careful when displaying or handling it.
The lace inset is low.  Very low.  I took off her jacket to try to pull it up but no dice.  Cleavage was not shown back then.  Maybe Rose is a bit of an exhibitionist. ;)

NITPICKING:  Don't pull on the skirt.  It seems to sit on her hips rather than at her waist.  Why this is I don't know.
I've gotten spoiled by seeing pictures of the repainted dolls.  So while she IS a very pretty doll she also looks kind of vacant and sad.


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