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I'm finished with the mock up to an Edwardian style top so now it's down to cutting it out of my good fabric.  I should have that done soon.

My pink Edwardian dress is temporarly on hold as I need to purchase some more rose pink thread and some lace edging.  I keep on forgetting that I need to buy an extra spool of thread as thread doesn't come in as large spools as it used to.

Also on the to finish list are the Titanic boarding suits.  I've been wanting to make the breakfast dress for a while.  Yellow is not my color so mine will be dark teal with yellow accents.  I'm also going to modify the under dress so that it has straps and can be used as a semi-formal dress.  The lace over dress will close in the front and be removeable.

I also took this photo yesterday of the sunset.  I used a basic point and shoot digital camera.  I'm in no way a photographer though I want to take a class sometime.

Until next time:  "I am not young enough to know everything."…
The Mrs. Patmore and pink blouse and skirt combination are coming right along.  I ran out of thread for the Mrs. Patmore dress so I had to order some more.

Also in the progress stage is the pink skirt and blouse.  These two are commissions from a lovely client.  The skirt pieces shown are the side back and back.

Until next time:  The shortest distance between two points is under construction.--Noelie Altito.
I've been wanting to try some new art and have been working on some art nouveau stuff.  Once I'm done with some examples I'll start offering custom art nouveau works on my Etsy page.

I've also photographed some 1860's costumes that were drafted from real photographs.  My dress form doesn't have the same measurements I do so the fit isn't very good.  I'm going to get some stretchy fabric and some quilt batting to fix that.

I jokingly call this one my "boarding dress."  A semi-hobble skirt was easier to walk in than I thought it was.  Guess I don't walk in as big strides as I thought I did.

I'm also working on the Titanic boarding suit and a dress that may have been the inspiration for the boarding suit.  The first one will be made from dark gold satin with brown trim.  I may go back and make one with stripes next.

All the dresses are available on my Etsy page!  I custom make blouses so don't be afraid to ask if you want a copy of th…