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I have completed my Regency and reproduction Downton Abbey dresses and both are up on Etsy.

My dress form has a smaller bust measurement than I do which is why the outfits aren't hanging correctly on there.  I plan on getting some stretchy fabric and some batting to remedy that problem.

My Regency dress is inspired by a real dress from 1815-1820.

I really liked Lady Mary's purple striped dress in Downton Abbey.
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New Etsy shop!

I've started up a second Etsy shop for period reformist clothing, the occasional gender swap/bend outfit, and whatever else doesn't fit into my Edwardian Girl Etsy shop.

It started after when I was thinking of making a reform dress a woman called me a "Rebellious Harlot of Babylon."  I pretty much responded by pointing and laughing at the monitor but not responding to her comment.  And yes, I am very familiar to what the reference means.  On FaceBook it went wild and people were encouraging me to make a second shop so I did!

Once I can complete an outfit or two my second shop will be open for business.

My FaceBook page for it will be the same as my Edwardian Girl page.  I'm too lazy to go and make a second page.  My works in progress and everything else will also be posted here just under different labels.

Until next time:  One is never too old to be a rebellious harlot of Babylon!
I finished up and photographed these three blouses today.  They're all based on 1909 style Edwardian blouses.
Blue eyelet with reproduction silver buttons and eyelet edging.

A floral long sleeved blouse with ribbon trim.  My geek is showing in that the trim is Star Trek like.

Pink eyelet blouse with vintage ribbon trim and glass beads down the front.

All blouses are custom made and now available on my Etsy shop.

Until next time:  just what are chick peas anyway?

The battle

Every time I break out the ironing board this happens...
Cleo:  "Your ironing board?  I don't see your name on it."
Until next time:  Some things never change!