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Back to sewing!

Now that I'm back from the Renaissance Faire ((lots of fun!)) it's back to sewing.  I've got some Edwardian dresses planned as well as an 1880's style assemble.  Undergarments, corset, the works.

Until next time:  I swear I sunburn incredibly easilly.  I wasn't even out in the sun that long and I've got some serious tan lines!  Sometimes I think I'd lobster up on a cloudy day...

Sale in shop

From now until the end of December 2012 if you order more than $60 of merchendise in my Etsy shop you'll get 10% back!  All refunds will be done via PayPal.

The Hallowe'en debate begins

I've noticed some people are getting an early start on debating about Hallowe'en.  So I'm going to come out and ask it:  what's the harm?

I realize Hallowe'en is a pagan holiday but most of the holidays on the calendar are!  Many of the holidays that are celebrated in the U.S. are based on Pagan holidays or major events.  I can't remember off hand but aren't the days of our week also named after Pagan names?  I forget.

Before anyone decides to come after me saying that the Pagans used to do this, this, and this, may I have some evidence to back it up please?  I've heard all these horrible claims and yet no one can back it up.

I realize and know the Celts beheaded their enemies.  They beheaded them because they believed that the soul resided in the head and by beheading you "captured" the soul.  Cultures all over the world have been doing that or something similar for centuries!  This isn't a single group doing this.

Around Hallowe'en y…